Q-What is a DPF?

  • A DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is a sophisticated vacuum bag. The filter traps the particulate matter (PM) but still allows clean exhaust to flow through.


Q-What happens during Re-gen?

  • During Re-gen the DPF filter temperature is increased toremove the soot from the filter. This process changes some of the soot to ash.


Q-What is Ash?

  • Ash is what’s left in the filter once the soot is gone. Ash cannot be removed via the re-gen process; it must be physically removed from the filter using concentrated high pressure air or other mechanical process.


Q-Why should you get your DPF cleaned?

  • If you think of your DPF as a vacuum bag, eventually the Ash will fill the filter, and stop it from working. Once the filter is full it will essentially plug the exhaust risking damage to expensive components and cause downtime.


Q-How Often Should the DPF be cleaned?

  • In Canada on Heavy Applications,the first DPF clean should be at 320,000km(4000hrs)and every 160,000km(2000hrs) Medium duty application should have their first clean at 160,000km(2000hrs) and every 80,000km (1000hrs) after.


Q-When Can a Filter not be cleaned?

  • DPF filters cannot be cleaned if they have severe damage. If the ceramic of the filter is cracked, loose in the can, melted, the square cells have rounded due to heat, or the cell has a hole and is allowing Exhaust to pass through unfiltered.