Turn Around Time:

ATR Performance typically performs the Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning on an incoming filter within 2 business hours of arrival.  If the filter needs a Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning the process time is about 12 hours.

Typical turn around times:
Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning: Same Day or 24 hours (Depending on time received)
Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning plus Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning: 24 hours

Rush cleaning is available on request on a first come first serve basis.  An up charge will apply for rush orders.


Incoming: Ship all incoming freight prepaid. ATR will not accept freight collect shipments
Outgoing: ATR will ship all outgoing freight collect unless otherwise agreed.
Pick-up and Delivery Service: ATR provides pick-up and delivery service in some areas of Calgary and surrounding area. This service is available under limited conditions.


DPF’s are very expensive filters and should be treated with care. Make sure your shipment is adequately packaged for rough motor freight conditions. The filter should be placed in a sealed bag or container. Make sure the packaging protects flanges or rims from denting. Do not leave the ceramic face exposed.

ATR will repackage the filter in the materials you sent it in. If the packaging is deemed unacceptable by ATR shipping personnel the filter will be repackaged and additional charges will be passed on to the owner.

Do not put hot filters into plastic bags or other packaging materials that will melt.

Repair of Filters:

ATR will provide basic repairs to a filter if needed. Additional charges will be incurred for these services. The types of repairs include:

  • Patching damaged cells (limited to our professional judgment)
  • Straightening bent rims
  • Welding broken welds or broken rims or casing

Filter Size Capability:

ATR has the ability to process any size filter.
Largest filter cleaned: 32” Diameter x 48” Long (from a large crane)
Smallest filter processed: 5” Diameter x 6“ Long


Prices will be provided upon request. Prices may vary due to filter size and filter design and whether the filter needs to go forward to a Stage 2 thermal cleaning. ATR only moves a filter forward to a Stage 2 thermal cleaning if the filter did not reach Green Tag range with the Stage 1 pneumatic cleaning.

ATR Performance has the following charges:

  • Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning: Green Tag
  • Combined Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning and Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning: Green Tag or Orange Tag
  • Unsuccessful Cleaning Handling Charge: $25.00 flat charge in most cases unless filter is over 16” in diameter x 27” tall  Please note: The cleaning charges under item #1 and #2 above are waived by ATR if we are unsuccessful in recovering the filter. ATR believes if you did not get the enjoyment of being able to reuse your filter that we should not get the enjoyment of being paid. The nominal flat handling charge of $25.00 covers a small portion of the costs we incurred attempting to salvage your filter.


Payment is due prior to shipping. After you place your order, we will contact you to confirm payment and shipping options.